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What is the status of an order?

The status of an order refers to what phase of completion it’s in. This can be found in the “Status” column of the grid with the list of all orders(MENU->____->Orders). This is the case for all orders types, such as receive orders, pick orders, work orders, audit orders, and transfer orders.

Open – The order has been created but no action has been taken against yet.

___-ing – This means that action has begun against the order. It is no longer in “Open” status. (e.g., Receiving, Picking)

___-ed – This means the order has been marked as “Complete”. However, this order has not been posted yet. (e.g., Received, Picked)

Posted – The order has been completed and the final step, post, and been done (posting is done here: MENU->____->POST)


Allocating and Allocated are also available if you’re using the allocation function. Allocation refers to reserving product for orders and is selected during the creation of the order, if desired. The use of allocation is not required.

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