Help Topics

Getting Started

20 Articles

Articles to get you up and running, quick and easy including preparation and implementation.

Company Settings

10 Articles

Articles on managing your account including changing your email or password and deleting your account.


28 Articles

This information will help you with data such as adding/importing products, accounts, orders, etc.

Users and Roles

9 Articles

Articles about the users of the software in your organization such as adding/deleting and setting roles.


11 Articles

This covers all order types including pick, receive, and transfers.

Mobile App

17 Articles

Basic instructions to download the app, and info on functionality.

General System

21 Articles

Here is the catch-all category for how the system works.



14 Articles

Articles about making, scanning, and printing barcodes.

Reports and Analysis

12 Articles

This section includes how to analyze data as well as printing reports.


15 Articles

You can make software adjustments to better match your process.