About Us

We’re a U.S. software company

serving clients all over the world.

There’s a way to do it better. Find it.

–Thomas Edison

what we’re about


The #1 complaint people have about software companies is lack of support. Their last priority is our first.

We hire and train staff to first and foremost serve and support clients. To us that means providing prompt, personal, and solution-focused support to each and every organization we have the honor of serving.

what we’re about

client-driven innovation

We believe that the trick to creating great software is listening to our clients. They matter the most. We grow together.

Complex software can be confusing and ugly, yet flashy software can be faulty and outdated. We believe the only way to design software is to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients.

Since the inception of Flowtrac in 1982, we’ve worked with thousands of clients from every industry. Our clients’ feedback is important to us. We’ve taken suggestions, criticism, and customization requests from those implementing Flowtrac in their organizations.

The question our software developer teams are always asking themselves is, “What will this look like for the operator, the warehouse worker, the supervisor, their accounting department, and our clients’ vendors and customers?”

It has to be easy to use for every single person using it.

Software Developer

Our Why


Our mission

Our mission is to streamline product, asset, and process management for organizations by providing intuitive software and client-centered service.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of software development that will maximize the management of inventory across all industries and to serve and support our clients achieve their organization’s missions.

Our Core Values


Relationships are number one. We believe that high-quality connections are what keep us energized, engaged, collaborative, creative, and happy at work. Our motivation is not just to sell a great product. Relationships with clients are essential.


Excellence means accepting nothing but the best. We believe our commitment to excellence is the key to our continued innovation. Striving to think, act, and create everything with excellence is fueled by ambition, integrity, loyalty, citizenship, and the desire to make the world better for everyone. 


Service is a calling. We believe that leadership, teamwork, and partnerships work best when approached with a joyful servant’s heart. This value is at the core of how we treat one another. The service we provide our clients is our primary source of pride.