What is JIRA?

JIRA is a support application we use to help keep support prompt and efficient. Download the JIRA guide below to learn more about the communication and ticketing system we use. The JIRA system is not to be confused with your Flowtrac system. It is not inside Flowtrac, nor connected to your software in any way. It is not one of the many help features inside the software. This is outside the software, just like emails and zooms. Your login and passwords of Flowtrac and JIRA are not the same and do not sync.

JIRA streamlines the project. Whereas emails can get lost or challenging to organize, JIRA will keep all correspondence in one permanent, easy-to-see place. Your JIRA location is a shared space where your organization’s administrators submit tickets for customization, issues, questions, or comments. JIRA is your direct and fastest link to your Flowtrac CSM (customer success manager) and lead developer. They know your project best and will stay with you as part of your JIRA communications closely, especially in the beginning as you prepare fully implement your new software.

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