multi-campus INVENTORY


for Education

Improving inventory management across multiple districts, reducing spending on redundant assets, improving record-keeping accuracy, and providing reliable data for accurate reporting.
Get Ready to Track

Know the location and

the status of your assets.

Tech devices? Maintenance supplies? Yes, we track it all!


Expiration dates are enforced on required products. Email alerts to appropriate staff when expiration is near.

Handle returns and product history.

Scan Labels

You can scan barcodes with your Android or Apple smartphone.

For extreme environments, we support rugged mobile barcode guns.


Connectors to many other software systems are available.

What about yours? Speak with our client success managers.

Lot Tracking

Products can be assigned lot traceability. All receiving, pick up, and deliveries will force lot tracking.

Fast recall ability by lot if an issue is discovered. Stay in control.

Locker, Shelf

Print labels for not just products, but locker, room, and shelf locations. Design labels for expired, quarantined, or damaged.

Know the where and the status of your inventory.


Track movement with door, entrance, or exit areas with RFID door or ceiling mounted readers.

Audit the count of tagged items quickly with a mobile RFID reader.

York Preparatory
Tauton Public
PA Distance Learning
Charter School


Being purpose-built for education offers several benefits tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions. Flowtrac streamlines inventory management processes, ensuring that educational materials, supplies, and resources are efficiently tracked and utilized. This optimization leads to cost savings and prevents wastage, crucial for institutions operating within tight budgets.

Education Challenges

Flowtrac Solution


Workflow Management

Warehouse Management

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After months of working with Flowtrac to build our registration system for The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program, we are extremely pleased with the final results. The system is user friendly, all-inclusive of everything we need, and leaps and bounds above our previous system. The program saved us so much time and energy and our stress levels were significantly decreased during Angel Tree season.


Operations – inventory

I am extremely pleased with Flowtrac. What I found the most valuable is the user friendly capabilities of the software.

The team was exceptional in providing recommendations for the vision we had. They used their experience and expertise to help us create functionality that surpassed our expectations.


Inventory manager

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