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Getting Started

Articles to get you up and running, quick and easy including preparation and implementation.

Add your Organization's name, address, and other details to make it your own.

Add warehouses, buildings, labs, stores, sites, and sub-locations.

Add products, parts, items, stock, raw materials, and assets.

Add vendors, customers, or other accounts you'll link to orders.

Add product quantities on-hand at the go-live point.

Step 6 - Going Live

2 Articles

Tips and tools to consider while getting started.

How to add a Contact

Contacts can be anyone within our without an account. A contact can also be a team member. If you are...

How do I add a company logo?

Your company logo inside of Flowtrac will serve many purposes, including but not limited to generating various reports inside Flowtrac...

How long does it take to implement Flowtrac?

Despite the general stigma of how onboarding new software programs can be long and arduous, it doesn’t have to take...

What should I do first in the system?

What is the first action you should take upon logging into Flowtrac for the first time? Use the system guide...

What is the best way to get support?

We pride ourselves on our service and support, offering several ways to get prompt support. We have a chat bubble...