Spread the Word Nevada

Who Are They?

Spread the Word Nevada is a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading literacy to disadvantaged young people in Nevada. They regularly run book drives, book boxings, and book cleanings as a means of acquiring and distributing enriching books. They have a warehouse and also host offsite events and conventions. Beginning in 2001, they’ve placed in the hands of kids over 6.7 million books. Spread the Word has also adopted 65 elementary schools in Nevada. Spread the Word Nevada’s mission is to advance childhood literacy.


Spread the Word distributes millions of books to at-risk and low-income students. They were looking for a better way to keep track of books. One concern they had with adopting new inventory software was that they needed to keep all the historical data of book inventory and distribution they already had to that point. Historical data they needed to keep included from whom they received book donations as well as to whom the books were distributed. Because of this, the new inventory software they wanted would need an easy way to import historical data.

They also needed some software integration. Spread the Word Nevada receives books through donations and purchasing in combination. There are millions of books in the world, which means there are millions of possibilities of inventory that Spread the Word could receive and dispense. Therefore, they needed an inventory system that could handle a ISBN integration as well. Additionally, Spread the Word Nevada used a special sorting machine to sort the books by grade level. Any inventory software they found needed to be able to somehow integrate with this important part of their operations.


Flowtrac had the answer. We gave them an inventory software package that could help manage their inventory of books. Historical data was easily moved over through Flowtrac’s easy-to-use import feature. Our customer success managers are always to happy to import the data for our clients whenever they prefer. Powered by Flowtrac, a cloud-based system connects with mobile scanning devices and tracks the books coming in and leaving their central warehouse. Spread the Word Nevada’s unique Flowtrac solution was built to include integrations to the ISBN database for looking up books as well as the book sorting machine that prepares them for distribution.



Flowtrac is tracking thousands of books so that they can get to people who desperately want them. Spread the Word Nevada uses their Flowtrac system to become better organized, fast, and efficient with their operations. One of the most valuable gifts you can give children is a passion for reading and a resource of books to do so. Flowtrac is the data manager that organizes donations and tracks the distribution of them. The software generates reporting on the data for sharing and analysis. Literacy changes the world, and Flowtrac is along for the ride. Helping people is at the core of Flowtrac’s purpose.

“Literacy could be the ladder out of poverty.”

Morgan Freeman