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How do I Create an Audit?

Audit orders are extremely useful. Audits help track and ensure that your locations have the correct quantities of products as reflected in Flowtrac. The following will explain how to create an audit.

  2. Click “Add” to add locations to the audit order.
  3. Fill out the information according to what you want to audit.
  4. Click “Add Product” to add specific products to be audited in bins.
  5. Click “Save”.
  6. The order is now active.


-Audits can be set to be blind audits. This means that the people performing the audit, such as the mobile users, will not be able to see the quantities of the products that are supposed to be there. This is allows for unbiased counting. Any discrepancies can then be reviewed by administrators on the browser. Supervisors make the final decisions on quantities in the audit before posting the audit.


When you create an audit order, the products and locations assigned to the audit will be otherwise locked until the audit is voided or finished. You will not be able to move products. For example, if you created an audit order for bin “A-12”, the system will not let you use this bin. For another example, if you created an audit for product XYZ, you must also void or finish the audit order before attempting actions against this product XYZ.

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