Work in Process

Barcode or RFID scanning Start-Stop, Work Center movement.


Key Features

FlowTrac can use the Product’s previously created Bill of Material as well as Bill of Processes (Work Centers or Labor Types) to auto generate your Production Order. A Router or Traveler document may then be printed with easy to scan barcodes for the technicians on the shop/manufacturing floor.

FlowTrac can also create an Import of your current Work Order document.

Work Order movement through out the building from machine to machine or area to area can be scanned quickly. A simple scan of the employee’s badge and Production Order Process will yield both date-time and person that received the order, right into their Work Machine or Area.

Labor times are tracked at the Work Center/Department by a simple Scan of employee’s badge and Production Order number. A time clock is then auto started and runs until the employee scans again. The clock then stops and records the Start-Stop time. Scans are tracked real time to the server, so across the organization, you know what the ACTUAL Work in Process is.

Products can easily be scanned into a Production Order. Inventory quantity is immediately reduced and tracked as part of this process. An audit trail is logged and maintained for future review of any product quantity, lot, or serial/tag numbers that have been picked for production to this specific Production Order.

All employee’s scans are logged and maintained for immediate review. At any point of the day you can review employee’s logged time as well as what process have been started but not completed. Time can be scanned in and out multiple times on each Process to support breaks, lunch, end of shift but not complete. Multiple technicians can scan time into a single Process.

A Quick View of the Process Activity screen shows the last Work Center scanned for each Production Order that is In Process. You will know REAL TIME if work has started and what Work Center the Order is currently at.

Unlimited Notes can be added to a Production Order. Notes support not only written text, but have the ability of uploading all types of picture files and document files. Upload jpg, png, bmp, tiff, etc… pictures. Upload  .pdf, .dwg, .xlsx, docx, etc… document file types. Notes can be set to automatically popup to the operator whenever a Production Order is viewed.