Material and labor

Work In Process,

Material, Labor

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Work Center Flow

Special Order

Multi-level Sub-assemblies

Get Ready to Track

Know where each job is

and how long it’s been there.

Spending your day walking the facility? No need.

Lot or Serial

Track products by quantity, lot and quantity, and even unique items by serial/tag code.

Monitor and find lots used if failure happens.

Scan Labels

You can scan barcodes at work stations or kiosks with Android or Apple smartphones.

For extreme environments, we support rugged mobile barcode guns.


Connectors to many accounting systems are available.

Connectors to machines, scales, etc.


All product transactions are logged automatically by date, time, and even operator.

Powerful search data grids, reports, and exporting assist you in auditing.

Bins, Racks

Print labels for bins, racks, work centers, quarantine, or damaged areas.

Know the where and the status of your inventory.


Choose passive or active readers. Track movement with door, entrance, or exit areas with RFID door/ceiling readers.

Fast audits. Fast cycle counts. Point and scan with mobile RFID readers.










Track. Manage. Improve.


Bill of Materials

A product can be set as a BUILD item. This type of product can then be assigned multiple lines of materials required to produce or assemble. Both finished and raw materials transactions are tracked.


Bill of Process

Process or labor required can also be defined. Your technicians can scan work orders in/out of each work center. This captures how long the order was at the center and how much labor was consumed there.


Work Order

Create orders that pull in all required material and quantities as well as any processes estimated times. Enter due date, schedule date, and customer account.

Enter labor and material budgets for the order yielding over/under analysis.


Scan It. Track It.

Barcode guns or kiosks located throughout the shop floor provide fast and easy capturing of inventory used and process times.

Know the WHEN and the WHERE of your work on the floor.


Work In Process

Monitor work in process (WIP). Inventory quantities are automatically updated as they’re picked during the process. Your staff has updated inventory on hand and quantity required for future work orders placed.

Work center movement and times in/out are easily analyzed: forecasting, informed decision making.


Complete Order

Finished product quantities are updated and tied to the work order for future review.

Costs of material used and labor (if rates entered) are rolled into the costs of the new finished product’s specific lot/serial.

Work Orders Track Work In Process



After months of working with Flowtrac to build our registration system for The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program, we are extremely pleased with the final results. The system is user friendly, all-inclusive of everything we need, and leaps and bounds above our previous system. The program saved us so much time and energy and our stress levels were significantly decreased during Angel Tree season.


Operations – inventory

I am extremely pleased with Flowtrac. What I found the most valuable is the user friendly capabilities of the software.

The team was exceptional in providing recommendations for the vision we had. They used their experience and expertise to help us create functionality that surpassed our expectations.


Inventory manager

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