How do I make a barcode?

When you create a product, the barcode is required even if you won’t be using barcodes. In regards of barcoding, one of two things will happen when you create a product in the system. You will assign products a barcode, or Flowtrac will auto-generate them for you.

  1. Option 1: you will type in a barcode number in the barcode field as you’re also filling out the product number, description, cost, track-by type, and any other relevant information. You can use any and all barcodes already on the products. If there are no barcodes yet, you can enter anything. As far as what characters are acceptable for barcoding, letters and numbers are accepted as part of the barcode.
  2. Option 2: Flowtrac will auto-generate a barcode for you. By default, the software is designed to base barcodes off of the product name you have entered. This can help in visual identification of the barcode’s number and what product with which it’s associated. When the barcode fills in on its own during the creation of the product, you can then go back and change it if you in fact you are going to be using Option 1 above.


-If you’re choosing your own barcode numbers, the simpler the better.
-During your import of products information (which is different than importing quantities of a product), barcodes will automatically generated.
-Barcodes can be changed.
-Multiple barcodes can exist for the same product. (e.g., if you buy products from different vendors but don’t keep them differentiated).

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