How do I import data?

  1. We provide templates for each type of data import. In the import grid window, click “Download Template”.
  2. The system is case sensitive so for fields that require options listed please type them as you see them.
  3. Save your CSV/excel document to your desktop to prepare to upload into the system.
  4. When ready to upload into your system in your import window, click the Select or drag File(s) button (top left corner).
  5. Your product information will now appear in the left grid.
  6. You will fill out the fields to the left of the grid appropriately to designate which column in the grid represents which data point.
  7. When ready, click the SAVE button (lower left corner, first button from the left).
  8. If there are no errors, the grid will clear out.
  9. If errors have occurred, they will appear in the right grid. Take note of the errors, click the Clear Grid button (bottom left corner, second button from the left), go into your template, correct the errors, save to your desktop, re-upload into your system.


You can update your data by updated your template and then importing it again. The data will override existing data. This is useful if you, for example, are wanted to change the price information on many products at once.

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