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Are you looking for guidance on how to import data into a new inventory management system software? Look no further! Importing data is not as difficult as it might sounds. Yet, this is one of the main reasons people hesitate to invest the new inventory software they so desperately need. This blog post will provide instructions on how to successfully import data into your new system.

Before you begin, it’s important to ensure that you have the correct format of your data. Depending on the type of data you’re importing, you may need to convert it to a compatible format. For example, if you’re importing a CSV file, it should be converted to a TXT file.

Once you’ve ensured you have the correct format, you’ll need to access your inventory management system software. Log into the system and locate the “import” option. This will vary depending on the specific software you are using.

After you’ve located the import option, you’ll be prompted to select the file you would like to import. Select the file and click “import”. Depending on the amount of data you are importing, this process can take a few minutes.

Assuming the import is complete, you’ll be able to view the data in your inventory management system. If you’re having trouble locating the imported data, try searching for it by item name or SKU.

Don’t let the intimidation of knowing you’ll have to start importing data into a new system prevent you from doing what’s best for your company. Inventory management software solves numerous issues of inventory flow, and it will help you achieve more success in the future.


With Flowtrac, you’ll always have a Beta site where you can first try importing then decide if it imports the way you want.

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