How do I export Notes?

Notes can be exported. Notes refers to any PDFs, images, signatures, special instructions, warnings, or typed notes. Notes are used as attachments to a product, order, or anywhere where the Notes button is present. If when you are looking at a product or order, the Notes button has a “(1)” next to it –“Notes (1)”–then 1 note is present, and so on. Follow the below instructions to export it.

  1. Click on the Notes button.
  2. The list of notes will appear. If you wish to export this information, you can click the “Export” button in the window. Or, to drill down on one particular note, go to the next step below.
  3. Click the blue hyperlinked title of notes you want to export.
  4. This will pull up the note itself. This could be just a free text, an image, or PDF.
  5. Export by printing or downloading.


If you are exporting notes from an order, consider also exporting, or printing, the order itself to go along with your notes export. This way you will have more information to go with your notes export.

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