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How do I add people to an email subscription?

An email subscription refers to sending reports from the system via the email set in company settings.

  1. ADMINISTRATION->EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS->Click ADD (bottom right corner, or click the name of the current subscription.)
  2. In the “Email Subscriptions – Add” window, name the subscription. -> Click CREATE (bottom left corner, first button from the left).
  3. This will take you back to the “Administration – Email Subscriptions” window. Click on the Subscription you just created.
  4. In the “Email Subscription Subscribers – Add” window, type or search for the contact name to add. Click CREATE when done. This window will then close, reverting to the previous window. Contacts are added one at a time, individually.
  5. When finished added contacts, click the SAVE button at the bottom left hand corner.
  6. In the “Administration – Email Subscriptions” window, the Subscribers column will now reflect the number of contacts in that list.
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