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How do I add/import multiple contacts?

You have the options to their add contacts one by one or import many at the same time.

Filling out the CSV Template of Contacts

  2. Click DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE (bottom left, third button from the left).
  3. In the downloaded CSV template:
  • Line 1 is the name of the fields; these will appear as they appear in Flowtrac when the template is
  • uploaded.
  • Line 2 states requirements for each column. If the requirements are not met it will result in an error
  • message when the file is uploaded into Flowtrac. Some fields when left blank will be given the default
  • settings, these are labeled as such.
  • Line 3 this is all data to be added into Flowtrac. Your contacts, in Flowtrac, will show the first line as line 3.
  • Any Information typed in the excel template above line 3 will not upload properly into Flowtrac, make sure all information is typed on row 3 in Excel or below. When completed save csv to your desktop.

Uploading the CSV Template of Contacts

  1. In the import contacts window, top left corner of window, click SELECT FILES.
  2. Select your csv file, click OPEN. All information in the csv template will now be in the box on the left hand side.
  3. Click SAVE.
  4. If all information is correct, the information will clear out automatically. If there is an error, you will see the error in the box to the right side. Return to your csv template and correct the information that caused the error. Save csv template with corrected fields to your desktop. In Flowtrac, click CLEAR GRID (bottom left section of the screen, second button from the left), then re-upload file in previous steps. Click SAVE to complete.
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