How do I add a region?

Regions refers to a group of locations with something in common such as geography but also other methods of grouping places you might use. It is not necessary to create regions of locations beyond just one main region. It is also not necessary to have all your regions entered before beginning to use Flowtrac. The good news is that the system is ready for your future of growth, and more regions can continue to be added.

  2. Click the ADD button (bottom right, second button from right).
  3. In the “Region – Add” window, all fields with a red asterisk must be filled in.
  4. Click CREATE (bottom left, first button from the left) when completed.


Regions are the highest level of locations available in Flowtrac, so think of it that way. Not everyone needs different regions in their system, and others use the regions to represent the highest level of locations in other ways. Discuss this with your Flowtrac CSM.

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