Barcoding with Options

Each organization has unique processes, so barcoding software should be adaptive.

Better Than Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are different from databases in several ways. They are not interchangeable. Instead of storing information in cells, a database stores data in tables.

Bottoms Up: Labeling the Bins

Start your numerical bin labels from the bin closest to the floor. Doing so will ensure maximum consistency, efficiency, and profitability.

Choose Your Own Barcode

This article discusses good vs bad barcoding software. Good inventory software comes with sophisticated barcoding capabilities.

When Barcodes Mean Something

This article explains that scanning a barcode should give users the ability lookup the details behind the barcode as well as initiate an action within their cloud-based inventory system.

Barcode Printers: Two Types

What’s the difference between direct thermal printers and thermal transfer printers? There is a BIG difference. 

Fort Bragg Food Bank

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Smartphones vs Barcode Guns

There is a difference between the way your phone reads a barcode and the way a standard barcode scanner reads it


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