The Trick to Barcode Labels


This article explains a little about how software can make barcode labels that can change sizes. Printer settings are not always the problem.

Barcodes and Inventory Software

When people decide they would like to start using barcodes, the first place they might look is Google. It’s easy enough to find barcode generators you can use for free online. You type in the characters in a field and barcode or QR Code is created. Some even let you download the barcodes you generate. 

The problem you might run into, though, is that you still need software that tells your scanner device to not only recognize the barcodes but also connect them with the details and actions.  This is the better approach to obtaining barcodes. In other words, if you want to start using scanners to organize and speed up your operations, inventory software is the best place to go. 

Find the Right Barcoding Software (inside Inventory Management Software)

Bad barcoding software offers very limited print abilities. There are a few reasons for this, but the basic explanation is that if software developers have not skillfully programmed the capability of adjustable sizes, then it isn’t there. At first, it’s hard to wrap our minds around this. We are used to printing documents in different sizes by simply changing it in the print preview window. Barcode labels are different, though. 

A good barcoding software system will allow you to adjust the size of the barcode labels while maintaining the integrity of the design of the label. Without this feature, you will likely fall down the rabbit hole of trying to change the fit of barcode labels by experimenting with the many options on your printer. It can get frustrating doing test print after test print as they keep coming out ill-fit on the paper or labels. The printer settings should be set once and then the inventory software should be doing the work of making a barcode into different sizes. Moreover, good barcoding software will allow you the freedom to change the design. A good inventory software comes out-of-the-box with a barcode designer. You should be able to dictate what all extra text the barcode has on it besides just the barcode. Other information about the product is always nice to have on the label. The ability to design what that information says should be up to you and what’s best for your particular organization. Not every company wants to print UPCs for retail purposes.


Inventory management software should not only be able to print barcodes but also make it easy to apply different sizes. The size and shape of the barcode label should look good on every product no matter the product’s size and shape.