Lab Inventory

Often laboratories know that they need a better way of tracking, but they aren’t sure exactly what they need for that. This is especially true the more unique what you do is. Search no further. Because of Flowtrac’s versatility, we have the expertise in how to set up the system from start to finish. 

We track anything from Covid-19 vaccines issued from the government to environmental samples for testing labs. We can walk you through how to tag your samples, orders, equipment, refrigerated areas, and shelving. In the same system, you can also track the assets in the lab, knowing the service and repair schedules of them and checking them in/out to technicians.

The software can establish the lab route, testing or mixture phases, and order completion. For example, the separate locations within your lab can be defined in the system. This way, you’ll be able to perform transfer scans. When it’s time to move a product from one phase to the next, you simply scan and move. Products can also transfer throughout the lab using laptops or desktops. 

The movement of the items in the lab updates to the cloud and can be viewed by all users. And you’ll have the information on your screen for reporting back to other departments in your organization, customers, vendors, families, or whoever else you need. It reduces all the phone calls and time spent running about the lab, recounting, double-checking, and auditing. Hence, your lab will run more efficiently.

An additional benefit to using Flowtrac in the lab is the extensive fields of data that the system can keep track of for each product. Laboratory products can be complex and specific. There can be a lot of fields of data to track for each product such as: serial numbers; expiration dates; dimensions; weights; measurement; restrictions; warning; and images. 

Companies with laboratories have the challenge of tracking a lot of small inventory through multiple phases. Inventory software is needed to keep the lab organized and efficient. Flowtrac’s system is easily customizable to meet the processes and particulars of each laboratories unique setup and flow of operations.