Solar Inventory

Though solar technology has been around awhile, the industry has been rapidly growing over the past few years. But with that, we’ve seen a rise in the need for an inventory tracking system that fits well with the nature of the how solar companies are structured. Flowtrac has the package for solar companies that fits like a glove. 

Editing Pick Orders

For instance, one feature we made specifically based on the needs of our solar clients is the ability to add last minute parts to the job order being picked up. Adding last minute products to pick orders is a common practice in other industries. Adding last minute products to job orders after the orders have been completely picked is also fairly common. However, solar company warehouses have the need to edit pick orders more so than others.

The reason there’s a need for frequent pick order editing is at least in part due to the structure of the solar departments. It’s unfortunate but often unavoidable for the departments with a solar company to be siloed. There are the sales team, the designers of the install, the warehouse crew, and the field crews. Each group is adding something to the pick order that needs to be there up till the last moment of install. It’s hard to know exactly every part that the install will need to be completed. You could look at this way: it’s a multiple team effort to get all the panels and parts perfect for the job.

Flowtrac Brings the Teams Together

Flowtrac make software that can bring the departments together like never before. For example, we know that one department is selling the solar jobs, another is designing to job to fit the building, and yet a completely different team is pulling the materials the design calls for to have ready for the solar installer teams to pick up first thing in the morning. 

In this type of situation, the installers arrive and, as the experts who actually do the job, need to request parts that only they know will be needed for them to complete their jobs for the day. Flowtrac keeps these additions organized, added to the job cost, and deducted from inventory. 

The Flowtrac App on the Go

This is all done with scanners so that it is fast and accurate to add, or subtract, products from the job order all the way up to the completion of the install. The Flowtrac app comes with the ability to edit pick orders, so solar employees can even use their personal phones out in the field where no Wi-Fi is available.