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What is the best way to get support?

We pride ourselves on our service and support, offering several ways to get prompt support. We have a chat bubble in the system with real live human beings on our end awaiting your questions while you are working inside your Flowtrac system right there. You do not have to go anywhere and waste time crafting emails just to get the answers to your quick questions of system functionality. But that is not all. Here is a more comprehensive list of the best ways to get the service, support, training, and feedback you desire.

  1. Use the “Chat with Us” bubble in the bottom right corner of your Flowtrac Home screen. This is option is currently being offered FREE during business hours, CST. If you use it after business hours, we will still get the message and usually respond upon next business hours.
  2. JIRA. This is your main ticketing and communication system. You can use it for questions to your assigned Flowtrac CSM (customer success manager) who is of course most familiar with your project thus can address you with a responses more personalized to your project when the desire arrises. Questions are FREE. JIRA is also where you can submit requests for customizations that must be done by a software developer, at your standard quoted price, which begins upon your approval of the quote.
  3. Zoom. Your CSM will meeting you for scheduled zoom meetings. These are helpful when you would like to receive personalized training or share your screen to discuss your system, ideas for changes, or just so you’re able to involved multiple people from your side in the meeting. These can also be recorded, which will then be posted in your JIRA ticketing and communication system for future reference.
  4. Phone. We are also happy to answer phone calls. We can help direct you from there. Don’t be a stranger. We do recommend use your other options first since your CSM could likely have a meeting scheduled and booked throughout the day.
  5. Email. You can email your CSM directly. However, we caution that this is not your most effective method of support, as your CSM looks first to your JIRA, and we use JIRA so that you don’t have to wait for your CSM to sift through all their emails and take those in the order they have been sent.
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