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How do I print barcodes (labels)?

You can print barcodes using many different windows, depending on where you are. Conveniently, there is not just one place you must remember to go to print a barcode. Depending on what you want a barcode of, following the basic instructions below.

To print a product barcode:

  2. To print just one product’s barcode(s), select the blue hyperlinked product name.
  3. Select the “Print” button.

To print a bin barcode:

  2. Filter for the bin(s) to print.
  3. Selection the “Print” button in the bins window.

To print a lot or serial barcode:

  1. You must select a blue hyperlinked lot or serial number.
  2. Groups of lots or serials can be located by MENU->INVENTORY->PRODUCTS BY
  3. Lots and Serials can also be printed up on receiving the products.


You can print barcodes for products you are receiving on receive orders. MENU->RECEIVE->RECEIVE->Select hyperlinked order number->PRINT->Checkbox “Product Label”->PRINT SELECTED button.

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