How do I get my data ready?

Does everything have to be perfect before you invest in a new inventory management system? NO, this is common misperception. You don’t have to wait to move forward till you take the time to reorganize and clean up your product info.

How do you prepare your data (information about your products, vendors, customers, orders, etc.) to have it ready to add to your new Flowtrac system?

We have very good news on this. When it comes to getting your information here is very little you will have to do prior to starting with Flowtrac. First of all, it only takes a little bit of your data to start using Flowtrac.

You will start with a blank slate. There will be no products, for example. However, you only have to add them one at a time if you want. This is an option for people that do not actually have a digital copy of their product information.

This method of gradual building up of your data inside Flowtrac is also preferred by organizations that might have conflicting data they need to first make executive decisions. And that’s ok. When people come to us, one of the frequent problems they are looking to solve is that their data is currently in state of contradiction or otherwise less than ideal. That is why many people are looking for an inventory system when they find us.

Your Flowtrac CSM (customer success manager) will help you prepare your data. We have easy-to-use imports that accept spreadsheets. You can work on gathering your data onto spreadsheet ahead of time if you would like.


You can input your data one by one, or massive data via our imports. We are even happy to perform the imports for you if you prefer.

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