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How do I cancel an order?

Orders such as receive, pick, transfer, and work orders can be voided. If the order has been created but no action has been taken on it yet, or if it has begun being picked/received, you will be able to void it by following these steps:

  1. Click the order number of the order you would like to cancel.
  2. You will be in that order’s window. The number of the order is a blue hyperlink and will pull up the details of the order.
  3. Click MORE ACTIONS (bottom left).
  4. Then select VOID from the options provided.
  5. A system notice window will pop up to confirm voiding work order. Click YES.
  6. Any picked/received items will revert. Picked items will go back to the bins from which they came.
  7. The status on the order in the grid of the list of orders will say “Void”.


You can unvoid a voided order by following the same path you did to void it, only you’ll select “Unvoid” instead of “Void” from the options.

It will start back at zero quantities picked/received.

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