How do I add a layout type?

Layout “types” are what distinguishes one layout from another. There is the option to have different layouts. You will choose the layout as part of logging in. However, you do not have to select a layout. It is not required. If you want to use the layout feature of Flowtrac, you must first create a layout type by doing the following:

  2. In the “Type – Add” window, enter the name that you would like to call the layout. (all fields with a red asterisk must be filled in.)
  3. In this window, you may also specify what Roles you want to have access to this layout by clicking the Roles button (on the right)
  4. When finished, click the CREATE button (bottom left, first button on the left).
  5. You now have a unique layout you can begin customizing.
  6. You can edit/change the name of the layout type now or later by clicking on a layout time and retyping a new name in the field where the current layout time is shown.


For naming your layout types, consider using whatever will be practical and recognizable to the particular staff who will be using it.

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