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Getting Started

Articles to get you up and running, quick and easy including preparation and implementation.

Add your Organization's name, address, and other details to make it your own.

Add warehouses, buildings, labs, stores, sites, and sub-locations.

Add products, parts, items, stock, raw materials, and assets.

Add vendors, customers, or other accounts you'll link to orders.

Add product quantities on-hand at the go-live point.

Step 6 - Going Live

2 Articles

Tips and tools to consider while getting started.

How do I get my data ready?

Does everything have to be perfect before you invest in a new inventory management system? NO, this is common misperception....

How do I add a role?

Role refers to a user type. Each user in the system is assigned a different role, which will have its...

How do I set permissions for each user?

Each user must be assigned a role in the system. These roles are set by your organization’s administrator in the...

How do I add a warehouse?

A warehouse, or other kind of location, can be added to your system now or later. Your products must exist...

How do I add my starting quantities?

You can add starting quantities in one of two ways. One way is to use the Quick Receive option. Either...