How do I delete a user?

There are many cases in which organizations need to delete a user. Employees might leave the company, change departments, change responsibilities, or somebody doesn’t use their login enough to justify paying for their user subscription. Fortunately, this can be changed at any time by the administrators of your business. To delete a user, you will make them “inactive” in the system. Follow the below steps:

  2. Click on the blue hyperlinked name of the user you wish to delete.
  3. Now there’s a field at the top of the user’s window titled “Active” and should currently be filled in with “Active”. You will use the pull down menu on this field to change it to “Inactive”.
  4. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the user’s window.


If you’re just swapping one person for another, you just turn one inactive. This will free up one of your licenses immediately. Then add your replacement user by creating a new user. Make sure you give them the correct user role when making the new login.

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