Flowtrac’s asset package can track assets within your organization as well as manage field or job locations across the globe. Whether you need to track assets individually or deal with assets that are components of a larger asset, we have the right solution.

As your business grows, it is important that you have a software partner that can grow with you. Asset locations or warehouses can be buildings, job locations, field locations and even in transit locations like service vehicles. Asset transactions can be controlled by user and even by warehouse. You can restrict users’ access and view to one location or a list of locations.

You can be confident that our asset package is wrapped tightly around all of the general features found in the Flowtrac framework.

360 degree View

Assets in your organization are can be managed in Flowtrac using bar code scanning and/or RFID scanning. Barcode scanners may be attached to workstations or mobile for walk-around scanning. RFID readers can also be mobile, but most use fixed readers at entry/exit points to simply track movement in/out of those areas.

The Flowtrac software solution controls and improves your visibility of transactions by logging the date-time and user touches to all your data. The asset’s condition can change at each touch point. We have integrated features to handle all types of transactions. Each feature can be used, modified, or removed by you to accomplish your goals. The following is a list of features that are included in every system. Each feature contains additional tools and options.

  • Purchase – Receive Order Management
  • Check In/Out
  • Service Orders
  • Scheduled Service Codes by Asset
  • Asset within Assets
  • Warranty/Insurance Policies
  • Notes (Text, Pics, Documents)
  • Reservations

Some feature details are listed below. The Table of Contents on the right side bar gives you a quick click and drill down to any specific section.

Check In – Check Out

Our asset check out feature easily traps the contact or account that checked out the item, the condition of the asset at check out, and the operator that created the transaction. Once checked out, an asset can still be easily found on the search screens. The windows will display the current location, the person or account that checked out the asset, as well as all the transaction history before the check out process.

Our check in feature provides easy look up of all outstanding assets. As the asset is begin checked back in, the condition can easily be recorded. Both check in and check out features support barcode scanning for fast and accurate operations. If the condition or function of the asset is in question, view the transaction history to see when the condition changed and who is responsible.

Service Orders

Assets generally have many different types of service that need to be provided to keep the asset in good condition. Flowtrac allows you to not only define these types of service, but create intervals for those service codes for each asset. When it is time for service, an email alert reminder, as well as an online grid will display the asset and the service that needs to be performed.

A service order tracks not only the history of the service performed on an asset, but will capture products, product cost, technician, and labor times used in the process of service.

You can review history of a service order not only by asset, but also by technician, products used, and labor dates. Service order history provides a way to determine the remaining life of that asset. Barcode scanning in the repair facility captures all the data required in a fast and accurate way.

User Definable Fields

Do you have unique fields of information required for an asset? No problem. Flex fields offer the ability for you to add additional fields of information that you would like to track on each asset. Proper role security allows you to add flex fields to either assets or service orders. These fields can be defined as text, number, date, combo-box, or a search field to another table. Additional options include required or not, color, visibility by user role, and enable/disable by user security role. All flex fields are also added to the search grids allowing for fast and easy searching by the field and reporting of the new field data.

Multi-Windows, Multi-Task

Trying to manage your business on old browser technology? It is hard to handle an active environment with many transactions in an old software system that limits you to only working a single page at a time. Stop trying to get through the day hitting the BACK or FORWARD arrows over and over to view the data you need quickly.

Flowtrac takes advantage of the latest technologies to give you multiple active windows of information on your browser page at the same time. You are a single click away from drilling down to more detailed information about your data . You can view multiple products, orders, transactions, etc. all at the same time, on a single page, to manage all required tasks. You never will touch that BACK or FORWARD button once you log in. No lost time waiting for pages to close and refresh.

Standard Asset Information

  • Tag or Serial Number
  • Internal Lot
  • Product Code
  • Product Description
  • Product Category 1
  • Product SubCategory 1
  • Product Category 2
  • Product SubCategory 2
  • Current Condition
  • Warehouse Location
  • Create Date
  • Last Transaction
  • Checked Out Account
  • Checked Out Contact
  • Checked Out By
  • Return Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Component of
  • Insurance Policy
  • Warranty Policy
  • Components
  • Unlimited Notes
  • Converted From
  • DateTime-User Activity
  • Reservations
  • Service History
  • Scheduled Service