On track: Unanet’s acquisition of Flowtrac elevates asset, inventory, and manufacturing management  

by Stacy Tate

The landscape of project management is constantly evolving. At Unanet, we understand the critical need for solutions that streamline productivity, resource allocation, inventory management, asset tracking, and financial oversight. Simplifying your projects means tapping into tools that are intuitive, dynamic, and easy-to-use.  

That’s what makes our recent news so exciting. Two companies known for their valuable business solutions – Unanet and Flowtrac – joined forces to create a new standard for project-based asset, inventory, and manufacturing management tracking.  

So, what does this new acquisition mean to you? It means that to gain access to the increased efficiency and profitability Unanet can help you achieve, you’ll want to hear what asset, inventory, and manufacturing management capabilities are now at your fingertips. 

Integrate your business software and solutions in one place.

Unanet is well-known for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that companies and firms rave about. With the addition of Flowtrac to the Unanet family, it can now add asset, inventory, and manufacturing management functionalities as well.  

And if you’ve previously used Flowtrac for your asset, inventory, or manufacturing management, you can rest assured that you’ll still have the same capabilities available to you in Unanet. Access the power of Unanet and Flowtrac’s combined best-in-class capabilities. Whether you need inventory information or analytics, you’ll only have to visit one place. 

By integrating Flowtrac, we’re solidifying our promise to you that we’ll always strive to turn the complex into the simple, helping to make business easy for you.  

Expect responsive and adept service even if you are a new client 

As Unanet and Flowtrac step into exciting new markets and industries together, rest assured that Unanet’s promise of seamless service remains unshaken, backed by robust support.  

If you’re one of our new customers in a new geographic location or industry, you can rest easy knowing you’ll experience no lag in support. Unanet will continue to provide uninterrupted service, bolstered by its dedicated customer resources. 

Redefine what business software can do for you

This collaboration isn’t merely an addition to our offerings but a reinvention of the user experience. It brings your most pressing business needs into one central, easy-to-use location. 

Businesses seeking project management and CRM capabilities alongside asset, inventory, and manufacturing management now have everything they need in Unanet, enabling you to use stress-free software for work that matters.  

That’s why this move is about more than adding to Unanet’s suite of solutions but is instead about creating a holistic experience for our users. We’re elevating the project management and manufacturing tracking spectrum by integrating two top-of-the-line solutions into a sleek, one-stop-shop solution. 

Gain an edge over your competitors 

Find out how the combined solution can benefit your organization by bringing all your business solutions into one place. If you have questions or want to schedule a demo, request one here.