The Hats of Inventory for Schools


Schools and universities across the globe are continuously striving to maintain efficient operations while striving to meet student and faculty needs. To achieve this, it’s essential to have an effective inventory management and asset tracking system in place. Fortunately, Flowtrac provides a comprehensive and reliable solution that makes it easy to keep track of an institution’s inventory and assets.

Maintenance, Facilities, Operations Departments

School districts’ grounds and facilities departments can benefit greatly from inventory management software. This software can help departments keep track of the items stored in their warehouses and other facilities, which can help them ensure that they have the right items in the right place at the right time. It can also help them quickly identify when items are missing or low in stock, which can help them avoid costly delays or disruptions to their operations. In addition, inventory management software can help departments manage their budgets by providing accurate and up-to-date information on their inventory levels, as well as alerting them when items need to be replaced or replenished. Overall, this can help departments run more efficiently and effectively, saving them time, money and resources.

Technology Department (IT)

The technology department of school districts can use asset tracking software to help them track student and teacher issued devices in a number of ways. First, asset tracking software can make it easier to inventory and track devices, ensuring that all devices are accounted for. This can help with budgeting, as departments will know exactly how many devices they need to purchase and can more easily identify gaps in their device inventory. Asset tracking software can also be used to track the maintenance and repair of devices, as well as log any security breaches that may have occurred. Finally, asset tracking software can provide a centralized system for tracking all devices, allowing departments to easily locate missing devices and have a better understanding of which devices belong to which users. This can help ensure that devices are used responsibly and in accordance with school policies.

Curriculum, Instruction Departments

Inventory management software can help the curriculum and instruction department of a school district in many ways. It can provide a more efficient way to track and manage textbooks, teaching materials, and other resources. It can help to quickly identify which resources are needed and where they can be found. It can also help to save time and money by reducing the need to manually search for and reorder resources. Additionally, since the software can track who has what materials, it can help to ensure that resources are returned in a timely manner and not lost or misplaced. Ultimately, this can help to ensure that all curriculum and instruction departments have access to the materials they need to provide quality instruction to their students.

Teachers and Campuses

Inventory management software can help teachers and schools make requests for the materials they need in a streamlined and organized fashion. The software can allow teachers to quickly and easily create and submit requests for materials with all the necessary information, such as cost, quantity, and delivery date. The software can also help with tracking the status of requests and inform teachers when materials have been delivered or are due to arrive. Furthermore, with the integration of mobile devices, teachers and schools can use barcode scanning technology to quickly and easily pick and receive materials. This can be done by scanning the barcode on the item when receiving the material, and scanning the barcode on the request when picking the material. This process can help streamline the process of picking and receiving materials, and help reduce errors along the way.


Overall, Flowtrac is a comprehensive and reliable solution for schools and universities looking to manage their inventory and assets more effectively. By providing comprehensive inventory and asset tracking, barcoding, and reporting capabilities, Flowtrac helps institutions ensure that their resources are being used most efficiently and that they are meeting their goals.