Inventory Tracking for Educators

Schools and universities have many types of inventory they need help tracking. Each department has their own inventory needs. Flowtrac can link up all the inventory. We’ve also can provide siloed solutions for one internal group (e.g., the technology department, university laboratories, or maintenance general operation supplies) who need to keep their inventory management separating from the rest. Both cases also include asset tracking, so it only takes one system to manage consumables, assets, and anything else that needs to be monitored.

The world of academia is a place where versatility and adaptability of Flowtrac’s intuitive software is on full display. Flowtrac manages many unique tasks for educators. Within K12 and university settings, we often work directly with administration. For example, we track technology devices, giving schools the traceability on assets and products they need. The system can tell you who has them, when to get them back, how many they have on-hand, how much to order, how many have been damaged or out for repair. 

We also track custodial and maintenance supplies for districts’ department of operation. Inventory management software is the answer to the chaos of school supply requests from affiliate schools and departments. What is unique about these requests of inventory from the school to itself is that there isn’t often an actual point of sale transaction. There is no money exchange, yet the inventory is moving hands. That’s why a lot of the inventory software out there doesn’t make sense for school’s purposes. They something between inventory and warehouse management, with perhaps barcoding capabilities. Products still must be tracked in order to know how much more to order for the school based on running reports the software can provide on product movement and consumption. It’s how to report on on-hand quantities in reserve of essentials, PPE, & valuable machines.

Additionally, with our system’s barcoding system combined with multiple location tracking, employees can finally create a more efficient system of driving inventory around and scan to check them out to people and collect them. The vehicle itself acts as its own warehouse in the system, so supervisors can log in from their laptop or home computers at any time to see how much product in on trucks, in route to different parts of campus, and what’s being scanned. Take a cycle count or audit count any time using the Flowtrac app that scans barcodes. At the same time, the Check in/out module on the app does not require barcodes in order to issue the assets to people. In fact, all the functions on the mobile work with our without barcode scanning.  

We’re familiar with the inventory tracking pain points that challenge our educators. If you’re one of them and are looking for something that will solve your problem, we have the software you need.