You Have the Right to Remain on Spreadsheets

If you’re business is still using spreadsheets to track and manage your inventory, it’s time to move to an inventory management software solution. But if you’re a little nervous to ditch the spreadsheets entirely, rest assured. Flowtrac allows for seamless importing and exporting of spreadsheets whenever you still want them. That makes the decision to upgrade an even easier decision. 

Many organizations do all their tracking using spreadsheets. When they finally decide to start searching for a better way, it can be scary. Questions go through your staff and your mind such as: 

What if something happens? What if my staff doesn’t learn the new software? What if data gets lost during the process and can’t be recovered? What if the software ends up costing too much money? 

If you’d had one or all of these questions floating around in your head, don’t worry. That’s normal. Transitioning to better inventory management system is a big deal. 

Fortunately, spreadsheets and the new software doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. You’ll still be able to use spreadsheets whenever you want. They can sometimes serve a purpose even when you operate mainly from your new warehouse management system. That’s why the right software should let you incorporate your spreadsheets. This ensures an easy transition, fast data sharing, and a nice security blanket for some staff who have put so much time and effort into learning how to use Excel or Google Sheets. 

You can always import data into Flowtrac. But more importantly, you can also export data into spreadsheets any time, for any reason. This is sometimes desired. 

For example, you might download your organized data from Flowtrac in order to send reports to people, or to print out for meetings. 

Flowtrac makes it as easy as clicking a button. You can export quantities, product movement, orders and their statuses, lists of accounts, and more. 

This means that you are out of reasons to suffer through the ongoing time drain and confusion of trying to manage your inventory using Excel or Google Sheets. 

Isn’t it time to transition to Flowtrac’s software solutions?!

We are happy to give you a demo on the interplay of spreadsheets and our inventory management and tracking software.

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