Nonprofits Make Us Better

Helping people is at the core of Flowtrac’s purpose. Service is one of our core values. We believe that service is a calling. We believe that leadership, teamwork, and partnerships work best when approached with a joyful servant’s heart. This value is at the core of how we treat one another. The service we provide our clients is our primary source of pride.

That’s why we are proud to provide inventory software to the nonprofit world. That includes NPOs as well as NGOs. The Flowtrac system is currently aiding in the humanitarian efforts across the world to receive, track, allocate, and deliver vital inventory to those in need. Many of our nonprofit clients are utilizing our barcoding technology to increase speed and accuracy of inventory flow. Scanning barcodes and QR codes can be done using a myriad of mobile devices or ones connected to desktop computers via USB. 

For many of our clients, it’s the first time they are able to give accurate and impressive reports to donors so that they can makes sense of donations. That leads to donors feeling more encouraged to plan future donations. Our system can be set up to send automatic thank you letters to the donors once donations from an account have been received and/or the donations have been sent to the final destination of need. Providing such data to donors can increase recurring donations by double digit percentages. 

One of the great aspects of our software is that there is no limit to what can be tracked, so it can apply to an endless amount of scenarios where nonprofits need to manage inventory. We’re tracking hundreds of thousands of medical supplies, food supplies, housing developments and building supplies, clothing, and of course, financial donations. We’ve even helped countries keep incoming refugees so that each family is identified and children don’t get separated from their parents in these turbulent conditions. We make it easier for nonprofit organizations to achieve their mission. Our staff celebrates each new client, and we are especially grateful to join in helping the less fortunate in any way we can. 

To our nonprofit partners: Thank you for the opportunity to serve alongside you in your noble causes. 

You make us better.