Software for Nonprofits

Types of NGO’s

Nonprofit organizations are often referred to by their IRS tax code: 501(c). As the name implies, these are nonprofit organizations that have other primary goals/missions/social-causes besides profit. In recognition and support of 501(c)’s the government gives them tax-exempt status. There’s a range of types of 501(c)’s. Here are a few categories along with examples: 

  • Social Advocacy Groups 501(c)(1) & 501(c)(2): Example– federal credit unions
  • Charitable Organizations 501(c)(3): Example– religious groups
  • Social Welfare & Civic Leagues 501(c)(4) & 501(c)(5): Examples: NRA; The Sierra Club
  • Trade/Pro Associations 501(c)(6): Examples- the chamber of commerce; real estate boards
  • Social/Rec Clubs 501(c)(7): Example- a country club

How Software can Help

In the nonprofit business, every work hour, every square inch of storage space, and every dollar must be painstakingly utilized to its greatest impact for the altruistic mission of its nonprofit group. For the subsistence of the company, software packages are fully integrated into the 501(c) system. As an example of one benefit software packages offer, barcode and RFID scanning devices and software provide organizations the asset tracking methods that maximize its resources by improving the operational process. The receiving, storing, and deployment of purchased and donated items must be tracked in detail. The value of items and their carrying costs must be perpetually analyzed. Up-to-date information must be available for investors in order to encourage further investment.  And perhaps most importantly, with many 501(c)’s, time is of the essence. They require software that continuously syncs data from every location and its users. This makes time an advantage instead of a barrier to the mission.  

A Path to Excellence

Charitable organizations deserve top notch technology. A 501(c) qualifies for tax-exempt status, accepts charitable donations as its main source of capital and inventory, fights for a cause rather than a profit margin, and serves the people who need it most instead of self-serving its own interests. That doesn’t mean 501(c) companies can’t and shouldn’t have access to superior asset tracking software. It is these entities that are society’s brands and faces of human rights, support, and love.  In brief, 501(c) businesses may be exempt from taxes, but they are NOT exempt from the right to possess the same technology as a Fortune 500 business. 

Flowtrac provides the Solutions

We are a privately-owned, for-profit software company proudly partnering with multiple nonprofit organizations and their investors to provide software packages that support global relief efforts, supply distribution, operations management, and overall efficiency aligned with their missions. 

Flowtrac makes nonprofits the best they can be, so they can make the world the best it can be! 

Organizations Served

  • UPS Foundation
  • United Way
  • ACS Disaster Relief
  • Salvation Army
  • Save the Children
  • CARE International
  • MedShare
  • Providence/St. Joseph
  • Baton Rouge Food Bank
  • Spread the Word