Thank You for being our Client.

Your confidence in us is an honor.

We look forward to helping You.
Please choose one of the Following Options.

1. Support Ticket Creation
2. Remote Attachment to Your Local Workstation.

Support Ticket Submission

Our goal is to provide you the best support in the software business.

FlowTrac’s Clients are issued login credentials to our Project Management and Support Ticket System, JIRA,  during the initial FlowTrac installation.


JIRA allow us to track our Client’s requests as well has monitor our performance.


Please use Your Login Information to  our online JIRA support ticket and project management system to report your question or issue.


If  you do not have your JIRA login information, please call our office at 817-421-3311 to receive your Login Info.


Simple Help Remote

Caution: Downloading the Remote Support program  will give temporary access to your Workstation for technical support purposes. You should not start this application unless you are currently in contact with a FlowTrac technical staff member, and they have instructed you to use this application in order to assist you. This will allow our staff member to view and control your workstation for a temporary period. This is sometimes necessary to diagnose a problem and provide needed technical assistance. You will still maintain control and may end the Help Desk session at any moment and disconnect our staff member from your workstation. This does NOT give FlowTrac permanent access to your workstation of any kind. Once the Help Desk session has been stopped and disconnected, FlowTrac can NOT connect again without your assistance in starting up another session.

Request for Quote for Custom Modifications

Business growing?

Requirements changing?

Need a specific feature?


Modifying our software to provide a new feature or support a new process for your business is what we do best. We appreciate the opportunity to quote you to add an additional feature to your existing FlowTrac system. For existing Clients, please log on to our online JIRA support system and use the feature request section. If you are a client of FlowTrac and do not have your JIRA login information, please call our office at 817-421-3311 to receive your Login Info.