FlowTrac was started to offer both a robust “full packaged” software solution, and provide Best in Class service, support, and custom modifications to the solution.
As our Client's needs Change and Grow, FlowTrac's solutions can Change and Grow.

Fully developed but customizable was the driving force behind DMC’s first ERP package, Datapart. A full accounting system for the Truck/Automotive distribution industry. DMC not only installed, configured, and trained on our software, but we customized it. Our customers could ask for any feature or any change to an existing feature and we would program the new code. The package was so well received, that other industries would follow and soon DMC was providing software to a wide variety of industries. (Lumber, Plastics, Aerospace, Tools, Repair Facilities, Rebuilders, Fastners, Furniture, Industrial Supplies, etc..)

In the 1990′s DMC started providing software not only for Distributors, but began working with Manufacturers, Fabricators,  and other Work In Process type of industries. Our software could provide real time tracking of their Work Orders and true Job Costing.

It was at this time that DMC started introducing our products and services as Flow Software. We were providing all types of software to help track and control flow of data such as

  • • Asset Management & Movement
  • • Inventory Management and Movement
  • • Production and Manufacturing Management and Movement
  • • Miscellaneous and Specialized Tracking Solutions

In 2001, with the introduction of Microsoft’s SQL Server, Flow Software redeveloped our ERP package based around this new SQL technology and became a Certified Partner of Microsoft. Now our packages would not have a technological limit, as SQL Server could scale from 5 to 1000′s of users. The Windows platform also provided the needed foundation to continue to meet our customer’s continued request for custom changes and features.

In 2009, Flow Software began development on a new Browser – Internet based platform. This platform would again break the barriers and limitations of the desktop and allow our customers to use our software across the world on any device that supports a browser. We branded this new platform as FlowTrac. FlowTrac can not only run across the local network, but also across the world on your internal intranet or an external Web Hosted internet. FlowTrac can be run on workstations, tablets, smart phones, and most Mobile devices.

Today, FlowTrac is solving the tracking needs of ALL types of companies across the globe. We welcome projects big or small and enjoy the chance to work with our customers solving their problems.

Whether your needs are just for your local department or your need spreads across the enterprise, we have a solution or can create a solution for You.