What If Multiple Warehouses?

There is an entire industry of software companies all devoted to inventory management of products. It can be hard knowing which one to choose. 
One question that organizational leaders must ask themselves as they research inventory management software is:.

What if my organization has multiple warehouses or locations of Assets or Inventory?

Quick Answer– it shouldn’t matter, so long as you have the right software solution.

Multiple Locations Standard

Some asset or inventory software packages do not support multiple locations of products. You might know the total on hand you have, but not the total per location you have. When you are determining stock minimums or trying to quick ship an order, it is imperative to know the specific quantities available at each of your locations.

Flowtrac supports multiple warehouse locations right out of the box. Even if you only have one location now, there are several benefits to having an option for multiple warehouses.

First, any good business leader has the logical hope of the business expanding. So even if your company only has one warehouse right now, if more are added later, the package will need to be replaced or upgraded.

Secondly, many software companies charge additional fees for each location of your business. This could get too expensive in a hurry, and it’s not justified. Multiple location charges are pure profit for the software companies. Not Flowtrac. There is no extra charges or fees. You can simply add any location and instantly you can begin setting up MINS/MAXS and transfer stock quantities into the new location. Know what you’re low on in any location that you have plenty of stock in another location to pull from. Do not buy more stock; transfer it using our distribution needs analysis.

Thirdly, maybe you could use another warehouse. Virtual locations could be created to support options like Truck-A, Truck-B, Building-A, Building-B, Damaged, Inspection, or Salvage. The benefits of separating the stock quantity are many.

Globalized not Localized

Flowtrac also supports multiple languages. We currently support English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and other translations can be loaded using the Google translator. Imagine the productivity gains of each user being able to work in the language of their choice at the same time others are working in their preferred language.

Our software is easy to learn for ALL your employees. Let’s Talk.