Is Inventory Software Worth It?

You might be wondering if your organization should invest in software and bar code scanning devices as a solution to your inventory and tracking needs. We hope this article helps you in the decision-making process.

Investing in inventory management is one of our primary specialties. We would love to connect with you as you move through this process. In the meantime, Compare how much the software costs versus how much you could be losing without it.

You could try to determine how much money your company is currently losing by not having the proper tracking and control of your items. However, it is not an exact science because, most of the time, companies are far less efficient than they realize. The exact financial detriment of a less than stellar organizational system in your warehouses is likewise usually far greater than most companies realize.

Indirect Costs

  • Time looking for lost inventory
  • Too much shuffling around of the inventory 
  • “User error” mistakes with paperwork
  • Slower employee production per hour
  • Slower delivery time 
  • Dissatisfied customers

Sooner Not Later

The right software can change all of that. The increase in productivity provided by the software custom-tailored for your organization’s bar code guns and other mobile scanning devices pays for itself many times over.

In short, successful organizations increase their success through increasing their investment into the organization itself as well as its future. Inventory and tracking software is a key investment.

One of the most common statements our support team hears from our customers is this:

“We should’ve done this sooner.” Let’s Talk.