Barcode Scanners

Comparing Barcode Scanner Types
Models of barcode scanning devices have been making data capturing exponentially more efficient for decades. These scanning devices are computerized and wireless, allowing for optimum mobility for warehouse employees.

There are several styles of barcode guns and scanners. Many of them are equally powerful. This article shows you the latest model and a more established model.

Let’s look at a more classically designed model first…

CipherLab’s Model 9700 

As an industrial mobile computer, this model uses both lasers and imagers to scan. Not to mention, it has a keypad with an LED backlight. The 9700 series holds a 13 hour charge. Barcode devices such as these were designed with warehousing and manufacturing at the forefront. This type of scanner, especially when paired with custom software, is preferred by warehouse employees across many industries.

Now let’s see how that compares to the latest model…

RS51 Series

Later models of barcode scanners have evolved to mirror smartphones.
With the rise in functionality, sophistication, and simplicity of smartphones, people are very familiar with them.  Hence, the demand for devices that are more like smartphones has increased.

The newest generation entering the workforce today grew up with smartphones. Therefore, most people are highly proficient at using smartphones. That’s why newer barcode scanners have ditched the keypad and instead use touchscreen virtual keyboards. The perfect example of this is the RS51 Series by CipherLab, a company that specializes in engineered mobile computing solutions. They pioneered a cutting-edge product in the RS51 Series. It is a rugged smartphone with barcode scanning capability.

  • Touchscreen virtual keyboard 
  • 4G/LTE
  • Google search bar 
  • 1D/2D Imager
  • Impact resistant
  • Fits smartphone mounts 
  • Pistol grip accessory

Which type of barcode scanner should I buy?
It comes down to preference. Both types of scanners do a fantastic job managing your inventory.
Although, scanners made in the style of smartphones are an exciting new development. They are comfortable and familiar to the average smartphone user. Inventory management now fits in your pocket! For the younger generations entering the workforce, models like the RS51 Series make sense.

Software for the Devices

Regardless of the type of barcode scanner you decide is best for you, Flowtrac will design the software for your business.
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