Flowtrac Sponsors COVID-19 Aid

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic,  Flowtrac has partnered with the UPS Foundation to provide a FREE website for humanitarian aid, state and county offices, and other nonprofit organizations.

Donation Management

The ReliefLink is a more efficient way to manage COVID-19-related donations. It’s a way to accept both money as well as item donations and seamlessly direct them to those people and places that are being decimated by the virus.

You may register an account for free. With the ReliefLink website tracking the donations, a middle man is no longer required to get the donations to where they’re supposed to go.

How to Donate

How Does It Work?–
Signing up is easy. Simply contact us, and we will handle everything from there.

Once your organization is registered, you will be able to share the website with prospective suppliers of aid. They will select your organization from the drop-drown menu. Then, depending on the type of donation, money or items, the system will direct accordingly. All the information about the benefactors will be automatically stored and systematically cataloged. Simultaneously, your account on the ReliefLink site will be instantly synced and updated with the donation data that was submitted by the benefactors. In short, after the initial setup, you’ll be good to go. 

In the face of this rapidly spreading virus, this donation website is Flowtrac equally rapid solution to moving all of the generous donations to those suffering. Everyone can benefit from what we programmed free of charge. We’ve constructed such systems to aid in a variety of global humanitarian emergencies.

Right now, COVID-19 is a top priority for Flowtrac.

Honored to Help

We consider it an honor to be able to offer the free platform to disaster relief services across the U.S.A. Our platform has been used for fire disasters in California and now for COVID-19 donations.

Flowtrac welcomes the request for our services from other NGO’s needing a donation supplies management. We offer our RelieflInk package free of charge to disaster and COVID relief non-profit organizations.