Fiberbrite had a very specialize tracking issue that off the shelve software could not solve. Flow staff created a customized tracking module to fit the detail criteria requested.


Fiberbrite had a very specialized tracking issue that “off-the-shelf” software could not solve. When trailers of cotton mote arrive at the receiving dock, the bales needed to be weighed and the customer name and trailer number captured. Date and time of receipt was also critical. At some time in the future, these bales could be used for in house manufacturing or shipped to other cotton exporters. In both case, the bale had to marked, tracked, and exporter information captured.



FlowTrac Solution

Flow Software’s FlowTrac platform was the foundation of the solution. Our staff created a customized tracking module to fit the detailed criteria requested. Fiberbrite can now unload the bales of mote, weigh them, and then large barcode labels are printed and tagged to each bale, displaying the customer, trailer, and weight information about the specific bale of cotton. Then as the bale moves through the plant or is shipped out, the Fiberbrite employee can simple scan the bale label to trap the tracking information. Historic Lookup data grids were created to allow Fiberbrite to research past receipts and/or shipments by bale, customer, date, or trailer. Excel exporting allows further analysis when needed.

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