Work In Process


Flowtrac’s work in process package is deployed in small fabrication shops as well as large manufacturing plants. Whether you are performing assembly, packaging, or multi-step production with inside and outside processes, we have the right solution.

As your business grows, it is important that you have a software partner that can grow with you. Easily handle your work orders’ movements, as well as collect labor times being spent at each work center. Work orders can be monitored in a single location or multiple locations across the world. You can restrict your users’ access and supervisor views to one facility or a specific list of facilities.

You can start having immediate visibility to open, work in process, work center located and historic work orders.

360 Degrees View

Work and Production Orders in your organization can be managed in Flowtrac using bar code scanning and/or RFID scanning. Bar code scanners may be attached to workstations or mobile for walk- around scanning. RFID readers can also be mobile, but most are fixed readers at entry/exit points to simply track movement in/out of those work centers.

Our software can control and improve your visibility to your work in process by logging material picks, technician start/stop times, and/or simple work center movement. Our package can allow you to track using a simple scanning application or deploy a full production order system with raw material inventory control. Each feature can be used, modified, or removed by you to accomplish your goals. The following is a list of features that are included in every system. Each feature contains additional tools and options.

Bill of Materials

Other software packages may only track your total labor time on work orders. Flowtrac can also track your bill of material items (BOM). A product can have multiple products and quantities that make up the finished product. We also support multi-levels of BOMs. An item on a product BOM list, can also be a finished product that has it’s own BOM.

Work Orders can be created for finished products and all the BOM items are automatically created on the work order. Now your staff will know what products and the quantities of those products to pick to satisfy the order. We even link to a Receive Order system. If you are low on any items and need to place an order to an outside supplier, we have you covered.

When low on a bill of material item, another work order can be auto generated as a “child order” to the “parent order” for the original finished product required.

Both finished and raw material product can be tracked by quantity, lot & quantity, or serial number in the Flowtrac inventory control system.

Bill of Processes

Some software packages stop at the bill of material feature. Flowtrac adds the Bill of Processes to allow you to track your labor times spent at each work center.

Just as you can define the products that are consumed in producing that finished product, you can define a list of processes (labor or work centers) that are required. Basically, the steps to produce the finished product. You should be accounting for all the steps in the work order and the time for each step. Default or expected times can be set for each step to allow you to analyze your over/under. Do you need more technicians, a better technician at a specific step, or more work centers to handle the growth of your business. Flowtrac will provide the information you need to answer those questions.

Scan at the Work Center

Barcode and/or RFID scanning may be used at each work center for fast and easy time logging. A kiosk, workstation, or mobile scanner can quickly identify the operator, the work order and the process start/stop times. Scanning is fast and accurate.

Dashboards can be easily created for overhead monitors displaying the work orders’ status, work center scans, and over/under times budgeted.


Are you using Excel or other Production software currently? No problem. You can simply add barcode scanning and work in process tracking to your current configuration. We can help you add a barcode label to your routing paperwork, so your operators can start scanning their time and the work center movement through your shop. Let’s get started.

User Definable Fields

Do you have unique fields of information required for a work order. No problem. Flowtrac’s Flex Fields offer the ability for you to add additional fields of information that you would like to track on each asset. Proper user role security allows you to add Flex Fields to the work order or the products. These fields can be defined as text, number, date, combo-box, or a search field to another table in FlowTrac. Additional options include… required or not, color, visibility by user role, enable/disable by user security role. All flex fields are also added to the search grids allowing for fast and easy searching by the field and reporting of the new field data.

Multi-Windows, Multi-Task

Trying to manage your business on old browser technology? It is hard to handle an active environment with many transactions with an old software system that limits you to only working a single page at a time. Stop trying to get through the day hitting the BACK or FORWARD arrows over and over to view the data you need quickly.

Flowtrac takes advantage of the latest technologies to give you multiple active windows of information on your browser page at the same time. You are a single click away from drilling down to more detailed information about your data . You can view multiple products, orders, transactions, etc. all at the same time, on a single page, to manage all required tasks. You never will touch that BACK or FORWARD button once you log in. No lost time waiting for pages to close and refresh.

Standard Work In Process Information

  • Finished Product & Qty
  • Bill of Material
  • Bill of Process
  • Estimated Run Time
  • Actual Run Time
  • Technician Log Activity
  • Work Orders
  • Process Activity
  • Technician Activity
  • Work Center Movement
  • Product Serialization
  • Sub-Assembly Orders
  • Raw Inventory Control
  • Material Lot Tracing
  • Unlimited Notes