Specialized Apps


Flowtrac is not simply an “off the shelf” package. You should not have to change the business processes that have made you successful to wrap around a software package that does not meet a special requirement you may have. Our platform was built from ground up with the flexibility that your need.

A software that can be changed to fit your requirements, instead of you changing your business to fit the software. We believe that no two companies or organizations are the exactly the same. That is the reason why our feature sets have flexibility built right in.

Having trouble finding a software package to handle your specific task? Contact Us today.

In-House Development Team

We can handle your special requirements because our team is in house. No out sourcing.

Any part of Flowtrac’s framework can be modified, customized or easily tweaked to change functionality or add an additional unique feature you might request.

Mobile Applications

We work with our clients and other software developing mobile scanning applications that can be added onto pre-existing ERP, MRP, and accounting systems.

Are you happy with your existing system, but need to introduce mobile scanning in the warehouse or maybe a mobile proof of delivery application? We have your solution.

We develop and support mobile native applications for Android and Apple iOS devices of all brands and models. (Smartphones, Barcode Guns, RFID Readers, etc.)

Scales, Cameras, RFID Devices

We can build integrations to your existing equipment. We have software integrations to desktop and floor scales, digital cameras, and RFID door and passage scanners.

Can You do this?

Our sales and consultants are also in-house. We are ready and available to talk about your special application. For over 20 years, we have created highly specialized desktop and mobile applications for clients in every type of industry. You have a requirement that is odd or different? Maybe we can provide a solution, maybe we can’t. We are looking forward to a discussion with you.

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