Proof of Delivery


Flowtrac’s Proof of Delivery mobile application can track and capture your product deliveries both locally and across the globe. Whether your delivery destination is in a local cellular supported location or in a remote area with little or no connection available, we have the right solution.

As your business grows, it is important that you have a software partner that can grow with you. Our mobile application is a native app installed on each device with no limits to the number of devices in the field.

With integrations being added weekly along with our internally staffed development team, you can be confident that our application can provide seamless integration to your backend order processing system.

360 Degree View

Deliveries in your organization can be managed and viewed in our cloud based database system and also pushed back into the appropriate area of your existing ERP or accounting system. If you are using Flowtrac for your inventory tracking solution, the mobile delivery application ties directly to your generated orders.

The Flowtrac software solution controls and improves your visibility to transactions by logging the datetime and user touches to all your data. We have integrated features to handle all types of mobile delivery transactions. Each feature can be used, modified, or removed by you to accomplish your goals. The following is a list of the features that are included in every delivery system:

  • Order Lookup/Verify
  • Order Loading
  • Order Delivery
  • Signature Capture
  • New Order Sales
  • Mobile Printed or Emailed Receipt
  • Offline and Online Scanning
  • Picture Capture

Some feature details are listed below. The Table of Contents on the right side bar gives you a quick click and drill down to any specific section.


Mobile barcode gun or smartphones may be used. Once the load operator has logged into their device, they can view pending orders and the products and quantities required to load.

Once the load begins, each product can be scanned with the default pick qty auto-filled in to speed up the process. When large quantities of the same product are required, the operator can easily scan the product and then override the default qty.

When the load is completely scanned, the operator can quickly move to the next order. During partial loads, the operator is warned of partial quantities and given the chance to re-enter, adjust, or stop the order load. Flowtrac’s user role security can control the options available to each operator on over or partial loading.

Configuration could be set to skip the load process completely and only focus on the delivery step.


If the orders are routed, the operator may choose to view the orders sorted in route stop order at any time during the delivery process.

Once at the delivery destination, the operator can choose the order and at any step of scanning, view the products and quantities ordered versus loaded versus delivered. Just as in the loading step, products are scanned. The quantity loaded is defaulted as the quantity delivered for speed. The operator can override the quantity delivered if authorized.

When the delivery is complete, the operator is given options to capture signature(s), multiple pictures, tender, and add notes.

Signature Capture

When the delivery is complete, the operator is given options to capture signature(s). When selected, the mobile device (barcode gun , tablet, smartphone) will present an area on the screen by which the person can simply sign by moving their finger over the screen. The signature capture is then accepted or an option to redo the signature is available.

Take Pictures

When the delivery is complete, the operator can select an option to take a picture. When selected, the mobile device (barcode gun , tablet, smartphone) will switch into photo capture mode. The operator can then quickly and easily snap a picture. Multiple pictures may be captured. These photos are stored on the device and then uploaded to the cloud immediately or when connectivity is available.

Offline or Online

The order, route and product quantities ordered are loaded into a database on the mobile barcode gun or smartphone while at your organization’s loading dock or area. This allows the operator in the field to deliver, scan, and capture information about the delivery, even when in an OFFLINE environment.

Do not be satisfied with mobile software that cannot function in online as well as offline situations. We have your solution.