Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience.

All the FlowTrac packages run from with in a standard browser. All major browsers are supported on their current and previous (one release back) release. FlowTrac does not require any downloads, plug-ins, or installation at the workstation, tablet, or smartphone. The browser that is included with the device poweres the FlowTrac application.

You purchase the FlowTrac software just as you have other software packages, like Excel or Word. We do NOT host the package for you and “rent it” as SAAS providers might do. The is a one time license fee for your server and the number of users that will be using the software. This license is perpetual. You do not have to re-purchase each year.

FlowTrac has both a server side and a client side to the software. The server side is the software that holds your data and communicates with the clients.

The FlowTrac client software runs inside a browser on your workstation, PC, Tablet, Mobile Barcode Gun, or SmartPhone. We support all the major browsers current release or current release minus one. (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera).

The FlowTrac server software runs on both Windows servers (common on in house servers) and Linux servers (common on Web hosted servers). it is your software, you choose. In most cases, FlowTrac runs on the servers you have already. In smaller applications, FlowTrac server can also be installed on a Windows workstation and does not require a Windows server.

FlowTrac server supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. UBUNTU Linux is recommended znd preferred. A typical Windows server would require 16GB of ram minimum,  PHP7 or greater. Apache or NGINX web server. Disk space would be dependent on the application and desired data loads. In most cases 10GB to 20GB is plenty.A typical Linux server would require 8gig of ram minimum. FlowTrac uses the Postgres SQL database as master database but can integrate with MySql, MS SQL Server, DB2, or Oracle.

Please speak to our Technical department or local Sales Rep in regards to more detail specifics.

All of our Licenses, whether for Desktop, Mobile, Web, or Cloud packages are offered subscription or perpetual. Subscription is monthly or yearly while perpetual offers a “purchase once” option.  You can start off with a subscription and convert to perpetual at any time on the future. Also number of users licenses can grow at any time.

FlowTrac has had the pleasure of working with NGO’s, Charitable Organizations, Schools, County and State Governments on a wide variety of software projects. These organizations range in size from small local based to large international based.
Our software helping organizations that help others, is one of our highest honors. We are extremely proud and grateful to play a small role in helping them achieve their goals.

Yes. This is something that we are skilled at doing. FlowTrac has built it’s platform on standard technologies for this very purpose. Our platform makes it much easier to auto integrate, auto push/pull, real time push/pull of tracking data to and from your current back end software. We have worked with several well known packages to integrate our software. Even if your software is customized, with the cooperation of your current software vendor, we can create a strong integration in a short period,

Contact Us today about your tracking and integration requirements.

The entire FlowTrac platform is built on a data dictionary. This allows your or your designated FlowTrac administrator to modify and rename and field on any window in the entire package.
For example you may need a field for color on your inventory. You could take one of the other many fields FlowTrac has on an inventory item and change it from it’s current name ( length, weight, custom1, custom2, ) to “Color”.
Another example would be that FlowTrac comes standard with a drop down box for you to group products by 4 generic Categories. You might possible not need this, but would like to group the products by “Color”. You could simply change one of the Category Fields (For example Category 2) to say Color. You may then go to the Inventory -> Categories Menu item and Add Category 2 data with Color Codes (for ex blue, green, orange, etc…) . This data will then appear in this Color dropdown in Product Maintenance.
Field can also be set by you to “required”. This would not allow that field to be blank on any window that uses it.

Yes. FlowTrac has a staff of programmers, in house, for special projects and services. In most of these projects, we find that we already have a package that is very close. We will address the features you need and submit a quote that will include the hours to add the customizations you require.

We are constantly answering emails and phone calls in regards to modifications for our customers. FlowTrac wants to solve your Phase 1 issue, but also take care of Phase 2, 3, 4, etc… as your needs arise.

Contact us by phone (817) 421-3311 or email today. We will discuss your software needs and schedule an online demonstration to show you a solution. Via GotoMeeting, we will send you an invite (you or anyone else in your organization) and you will be able to view the demonstration from the comfort of your desk. A conference phone number will also be available for everyone invited.

FlowTrac has an answer. We look forward to talking about your tracking needs.

FlowTrac Licenses for all of our packages are sold by User. User packages can be purchased for any specific number, but generally they are offered as 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 100 packs. The more User licenses sold, the price per User drops.

Yes. Most, if not all third party tools (Report Writers, Screen Builders, Excel, Word, Google Open Office, Graphing Tools) support a data connection to PostgreSQL. Our technical staff is available to assist you in understanding how to get to the data you desire, as well as build standard queries for you to use in those third party tools.
It is Your data, You should have access to it.

FlowTrac uses the open source database PostGreSQL. ( This allows us to run on both Windows and Linux servers. Linux is important , as it is the most common operating system used by Web Hosts. If you choose to host your FlowTrac application out on the Web, you want to be free to choose the hosting vendor. Most will only offer Linux servers for your web application. If you intend to run FlowTrac on a PC or Server in your building, it will most likely be a Windows based Pc or server.
No problem with Flowtrac. Not only will our programs work, but the database we use will work as well, PostgreSQl, runs on both of these platforms easily.

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