What about Your Special Requirements?

Your Flowtrac solution is not limited to your original purchase. We have developers on staff that will listen to your Specific Request. We then design and quote the hours it would take to provide that modification. Modifications allow the flexibility to meet your specific requirements now and into the future. 

Do not be Satisfied with “Off the Shelf” or “Packaged” software.  FlowTrac’s professional services gives you a long term solution for your organization by supporting modifications when new needs arise.

FlowTrac will develop any add-on unique features to help you solve the actual problem. Do not be satisfied with “work-arounds”.

Is your organization “stitched together” with Spreadsheets?  If yes, the get that data into a commercial, scalable, database that can be shared and protected. Cloud based, or Your own Local Server.

Welcome to Our Family. FlowTrac not only has fully developed solutions, but we can create a Stand Alone solution for your requirements.

Yes there is an Option with FlowTrac.

Tracking with Barcode, RFID, Fingerprint, etc.

Okay, we said it. Software is not perfect out of the box, including FlowTrac. 

FlowTrac offers customization upon your request.  This allows  our solution to change, adapt and scale to you requirements.

A Consultant is Available.

We want to learn more about your special requirements. A simple and quick discovery phone call would help us understand the issue. A solution could consist of simple modifications to our existing package, or a customized solution built on top of our robust framework.